Monday, April 27, 2009


Dallin and Brayden were rough housing it and Dallin kicked Brayden in the "private" area. She comes to me just a crying!! Alligator tears rolling down her chubby lil cheeks.... "MOM!!!.....DALLIN KICKED ME IN THE NUTS!!!" now...last time I checked....girls dont have "nuts"!
I was laughing my ass off on this one!


bloodfamily said...

As tough as she is, she probably has to have "nuts" with brothers. By the way, which shoes did you finally decide on?

Tabatha & Michael said...

ya those 2 go at it like krazy. Put referee on my resume! i actually didnt get any of those shoes but i did get a pair of another pumas for $35!!! the outlet store had 40% off so I just got them. they are gray with PINK! But, I do plan on getting another pair of pumas, they are actually quite surprisingly comfy. but i've decided to get a black pair...they are in the same style as the pink, black and white pumas...that shoe would be my first choice though! :)