Saturday, November 29, 2008


Find Out!">I'm a Rosalie! I found out through Which Twilight Female Are You? Take the quiz and find out!
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This is quite funny....who would of thunk? Rosalie? I didnt realize I was soo bitchy!! lol

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I have FINALLY found out how I am going to vote!!

As a "conservative" I am neither republican nor democrat. Even though I sway more (thank heavens!) to the republican party then the dems! but this year we are faced to pick the lesser of two evils. so I had a "light-bulb" go off the other day on how I was going to vote. I was reading a pamphlet that came in the mail the other day for republican voters...and I noticed this one guy, and I thought to myself...."damn...this guys pretty good lookin...even with peppered-gray hair, and blue eyes". I looked at another republican dude runnin' and I thought "not bad...not as good as him, but not bad" and then I took a look at the democrat runnin for the same position and I thought, "this guy is NOT good lookin AT ALL!!". and then the light bulb went off!! I will vote for the better lookin!! now I know this sounds insane...but why the hell not!!! We did it in High why not now! *And as a side note...have u noticed that the those in the republican party are wayyyy better lookin then those that are democrat! I am sooo being serious on this one!!* that leaves me with voting for the better lookin'.

McCain....or Obama???
........ hmmmmm.......

.im not feelin' for any of these oldies!!
SSCHNAPP!!!! I guess I'm not voting at all!!!!

....could I vote from the VP canidates???

hands down....
IT IS!!!!

now go out and VOTE!!! :P
just don't screw it up!!

just a quick drive me nuts!!

ok seriously!!!
a cross between Hugh Jackman as the "WOLVERINE"
and robert pattinson as "EDWARD" the vampire.

could "I" ask for anything more HAWTRRR!!!!
(yes another "roarrrrr"! :)

but the sad part of this picture is not seeing rob's jawline!! that i do miss!!


Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm sooo SERIOUSLY going to DIE!!!

Soooo...I'm sorry for yet ANOTHER Twilight/obsession Blog!! It wasn't even my plan to blog tonight...but I was tooo giddy and I had to get this off my chest! And I've noticed a trend in my girly obsessions...TWILIGHT...things u probably don't care about...TWILIGHT...
HAWT-ass men....TWILIGHT....stupid stuff I do to myself....OH! and did I mention TWILIGHT! sorry again...but bear with me...GAH! I need a life!!! :)'s a good thing you can't hear me now...cause the girly girl in SCREAMING HER PRETTY LIL' HEAD OFF!!!

I have spent over a friggin' HOUR people!!!....watching this clip over and over again! Just when I think they can't get any better...they pull this out of their arses and I get another KICK ASS trailer!....with none other than MY MAN....EDWARD! that's right ladies....MY EDWARD!! I know a lot of us girls out there are wishy-washy with Robert playing Edward...I have NOOOO problems at all...well...except one!...Robert aka Edward...needs to be "buff-rrrr"(thats right ladies...i roar'd!!), for heavens sakes boy...WORK OUT!! I absolutely LUV LUV LUV the look of Robert...and yes here and there he has a look and you go UGH! but hey! don't we minute we like ourselves and then other times we UGH! ourselves!...believe u me....I UGH! myself A LOT!! haha But I really do LUV him playing Edward! and another thing...HIS VOICE!!! Rob has THE BEST & SEXIEST Edward voice...EVER!!! His voice...and I will keep this "G' rated for all you sensitive people there...his voice makes me weak in the knees...and if u want the NC-17 rating....go read some smut!! HAHA His american accent is "melt" worthy! If u thought his british accent was YUMMY...oh my heavens!!...time to fan myself down!!.....

OK! I'm back!!...had to take a breather there for a minute...or two!!
I absolutely CAN NOT wait to see this movie! I will probably spend 24 hours worth of movie $$ watching...and watching...24 hours straight!! MARK MY WORDS...24 HOURS OF TWILIGHT!!
so it's probably a good thing that my hubby...aka "JEALOUS OF EDWARD" not coming with me! He will probably ruing my EDWARD/TWILIGHT experience...and I will NOT let that happen!! ;) At the end of the trailer Edward says to Bella, "you are my life now." COME ON!!! NO wonder why us girls swoon over Edward...yeah he sulks...but he sure as hell knows what to say to melt your heart!!....and all-be-DAMN!! He's not afraid to tell you or show you!!
So Yeah! NO WAY IN HELL am I going to let my hubby ruin this for me! he's staying home to watch the himself...for a WHOLE FRIGGIN' 24 HOURS!!!


A New Start....

to my pathetic...obsessive...krazy...ramblings!! I've been meaning to get around to doing a new blog with just my pathetic thoughts....cause honestly my family blog has hardly anything about the family...and it's been easier for me just to ramble on...and to poke fun at things!!
And just a note of caution....the things I say are to be taken lightly...cause like I said I like to make fun of things. SOoo...READ WITH CAUTION!!! :P

And just like the title of my blog....Did I just say that out loud?!! HELL YEAH I DID!!!

Happy Readings!!