Sunday, March 29, 2009

This girl needs some HELP!!!!

This is the BIGGEST dilemma a girl can have!!!

Which shoe should I get?!!?! Aren't these just the coolest shoes! I love love SHOX! they feel soooo good on my feet. The arch is unbelievable!! You feel sooo bouncy in them ;P

But the PUMA'S!! These look sooo awesome! Love the symbol! And another thing...they have PINK in them!!

so here's my dilemma....I can only buy 1!!!! YES I KNOW....A HORRIBLE CONCEPT!!! If I could...I'd buy them all! WAIT! Maybe I can buy 1 every 3 months?!?!!
hmmmm....(evil grin upon my face....what a wonderful idea....just dont tell the hubby...shhhhh....)
but at $75 not sooo bad of a price, but still!

and another dilemma....I love the white but I wear my shoes allll the frackin time! I live in running shoes! so the white is gonna look gray and dingy in no time flate!(but here is where my evil plan will work....."But Honey! they are dirty!! I need new shoes!!!" . The black shox would work great in that aspect. The pink and brown ones.....OMG!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that color combination!! BUT!!!....if you look close enough, on the back top is GOLD! YUCKKKK!!!! HORRIBLE!!!!
SEEEEE.....what I mean.....a tragic dilemma!!!

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